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Explore our website to find out everything you need to know about our Membership Plans for both adults and children, our treatments, our services and our team. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a real person, our receptionists are well informed and very friendly and will endeavor to answer all your questions. They also have information which can be posted to you to consider at home if you prefer.

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Treatment Costs

We offer complimentary care to all our little friends under the age of 5. We believe that frequent visits at an early age will ensure a happy, confident patient in later years.

We encourage all our other patients to join our dental care Membership Plan. There are several different plans for adults and children under 18, (please see Adult Membership Plan, Young Adult membership Plan and Children's Membership Plan for more details)
Children under the age of 5 receive all their care free of charge.
Members under the age of 18 receive complimentary treatment of all baby teeth.
You should remember that if our young patients between the ages of 5 and 18 require treatment to adult teeth, we only ask for 50% of the full adult fee. This makes our scheme attractive to our loyal family patients.
Members of our Adult Membership Plan receive 20% discount off the fees quoted below for standard treatment (but not implants or orthodontics) and do not pay for twice yearly routine examinations or twice yearly hygienist visits.

Below is a small example fee list for some common treatments available:


  Standard Fee From approx
Routine Examination (free to Plan members)     
Simple Hygienist Visit  (free to Plan members)        
Small X-Ray (free to Plan members)
Full Mouth X-Ray       
Small Metal Filling   
Large Metal Filling
Small Cosmetic Filling                           
Large Cosmetic Filling £135.00
Root Canal Therapy  
Full Gold Crown £547.00
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown   
Ceramic Crown  
Porcelain Veneer


Partial Acrylic Denture    
Partial Metal Denture    
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic Denture  


Full Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures
Single Tooth Implant
Full Upper or Lower set of Implant Supported Teeth    £10356.00
Implant Retained Lower Denture  
Implant Retained Upper Denture
Fixed Metal Orthodontic Appliance £1135.00
Fixed Cosmetic Orthodontic Appliance £1589.00
Simple Clear Aligner Treatment from £1200.00
Inman Aligner Treatment
There are now different kinds of clear aligner treatment available at this Practice. The original and possibly the most well known is called Invisalign. In recent years other techniques have been developed, which can be less expensive and your dentist will advise and discuss which is best for you, when you have had your orthodontic examination carried out.
Please be aware that it is not possible to give accurate ideas about the cost of treatment without having your mouth examined and assessed fully, but we hope the above is a useful guide. Some treatment may be very straight forward, a simple crown for example. However, as an example, this procedure can be made more complicated and costly if the tooth also then needs root canal therapy, or pins, or a post placing to strengthen the supporting tooth.
We always give our patients a written treatment plan showing the associated costs at their examination appointment and will discuss any variations to this plan, should any arise whilst treatment is underway.
We ask that everyone pays the fees due for any work completed at the visit when that work is carried out. We accept payment by cash, debit card, cheque, or major credit cards in that order of preference. We also offer different systems of spreading the payment for more expensive treatments should the patient wish. For example, we will spread the cost of treatment for Invisalign (invisible braces) and some other orthodontic treatments over the course of the treatment at no extra charge.(ie.0% credit)
We also offer Interest bearing credit over 2, 3 or 5 years for more expensive treatment plans costing over £1000.