Extra Sparkle Anyone?

New guidelines now allow patients to choose if they would like to have extra hygienists visits, which used to have to be prescribed by their dentist. So now you can treat yourself to an extra visit to the hygienist in between your normal 6 monthly visits, for that extra clean and fresh mouth feeling.

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Your text reminder service

We now send all our patients a courtesy reminder of their appointments by text message, a few days before it is due, providing we an up to date telephone number. We have had a good response from patients, who all agree it is very useful and of course it reduces the postage costs of the practice, which were escalating rapidly.

However, it must remain the patient’s responsibility to remember to attend and patients should always take a note of their next appointment as, sadly, we may still have to make a charge for repeated missed appointments.

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New recruits

Two of our dental nurses continue to work enthusiastically towards their radiography exams and hope to qualify in summer 2018.

We rely on radiographs for many aspects of your dental care and it is most useful to have extra members of staff qualified to help in this matter and we wish them well in their exams.