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Crowns for a King or a Queen.




Crowns have been available for many decades. However, the newest generation of crowns are highly superior and more aesthetic than most people are aware.

Often, the only experience the general public have of crowns is seeing the dark edges of other peoples older style crowns. Dark edges should be a thing of the past. By using new advances in ceramic technology, crowns can be made which blend in with an individuals natural teeth. These are the crowns which your friends cannot see.

A crown is a full cover which fits over the tooth. There are many styles of crowns available for different situations and we will advise you on the best one for you.

We can make you beautiful crowns to give you a smile that you will be proud of.

Please do not be concerned if you have old crowns which need to be removed.This is often the worry that prevents people from making the decision to have new crowns provided. Crown removal is simple, quick and painless.

When the teeth have been prepared an impression is taken. The impression does not need to cover your whole mouth making this a comfortable procedure also. Temporary crowns will be provided, looking perfectly aesthetic, whilst our technicians skillfully produce your crowns. The fitting appointment will usually be around two weeks later and is a shorter appointment and yet again, a comfortable experience.